My life.

1988. I was born in a snow blizzard at Hemel Hempstead hospital. Lucky by Kyle Minogue was No.1.

1994. Becky Norris stole all my GOGOs in the playground. My older brother then stole them back. I’ve never felt so invincible.

1996. My little brother was born.

1996. I wished my little brother was a sister.

2000. I wanted to become a pop star or an archeologist.

2001. My textile wall hanging was hung in the headmasters office. A new height of invincibility was reached.

2002. My 14-year-old boyfriend posed as my Dad to give parental consent for a pierced.

2004. Mr Higgins, the notoriously scary art teacher, started praising more pieces of my art then slating. A true accolade.

2005. I wanted to become a designer. Fashion, interior, graphics, set, costume... at this stage, any type would do.

2006. I worked as a Graphic Designer for a year. Using Quark and pretending to know what CMYK and PPI meant.

2007-2010. I studied Graphic Design & How to Have Fun with Student Loans at Leeds University.

2011-2015. I worked as a conceptual Art Director in advertising at iris worldwide, M&C Saatchi & ODD London.

2015. I went back to study at Shillington College for 3-months, to pursue my dream of becoming a top-notch Graphic Designer.

2016 onward. Exciting times ahead, working as a Graphic Designer & Art Director, whilst knowing what CMYK & PPI means.