Quotes from people i've worked with


“Two of the best creatives I have worked with. Brilliant and insightful creative ideas balanced with genuine collaboration and a superb work ethic to boot. They will both go a long way… and quickly.” 

Michael Wilton, Senior Account Director, M&C Saatchi


"Not only are they extremely collaborative, great team players and a joy to be around, they can also tell great stories across channels, which is an essential skill in today's communication." 

Igor Pancaldi, Deputy Creative Director, iris


"They both have bags of talent & are REALLY great fun to work with" 

Annie Fox. Senior Art Director


"The most enthusiastic, passionate and eager young creatives I've ever met... they never stop thinking & never stop trying to improve themselves. They're also funny, approachable & great company." 

Kev Howes. Senior Art Director


"They are just fucking brilliant"

Ross Henderson. Senior Account Man


"Two incredibly passionate and enthusiastic young creatives. They are incredibly hard working, dedicated and will only get better as they grow older, like a good red wine." 

Saritha Bowen. Senior Project Manager, M&C Saatchi


"The girls have a great eye. And by eye, I mean vagina" 

Joe Stamp. Midweight Art Director