WAH Launch - #WomenOfWAH

To launch WAH London's set of nail-art pens & show the intricate detail they achieve, we created... the first ever live tweets on nails.

Streams of live tweets from fans will be painted onto nails with the pens. These painted tweets will then be shot & projected in busy London locations. We wanted women to tweet us the empowering quotes they live by, relating to the brands core value - empowerment. This created mini stories our audience would want to engage with & share.

We wanted to get celebs & well known beauty bloggers involved to spread the word to all their followers.

A Women Of WAH exhibition would showcase the most empowering tweets as voted by our fans. Celebrities would showcase their tweets & be a part of the exhibition.

Tweets would then be turned into an inspirational book, showcasing the amazing and intricate designs that can be achieved with the products.